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Nex Move Games wants to make the world better through games. Our games emphasize the humanistic aspects of gameplay by fostering deep conversation, facilitating social interaction, and helping friends enjoy life to the fullest.

Born as a reaction to modern day game offerings which emphasize graphics, complexity, and integrating the latest technology Nex Move Games focuses on the essentials of true high quality gaming. These games instead focus on training our minds, gaining new perspectives, and most importantly, truly relish the time we spend gaming with friends.


Ready to take your craft brewery to the nex level? We’re currently working and refining games specifically designed for craft brewhouses. These games not only encourage repeat buying patterns and increase your brand awareness but are also just a ton of fun and sets you apart from the competition.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on what games we could possibly do for you. We sell games as a service and will periodically update the games to include seasonal brews as well as switch them out to they always have that new game feel to them.

Our Team